Poems by
Abraham Oommen

Utopian or Dystopian?

a poem by Abraham Oommen

How long I’ve waited for the waves to subside
So that I might hook up my dreams in the tide
Looked forward to see at least once the sun to rise
From the west, to add to the dawn’s great surprise!

How I craved to creep into the sun’s melting core
Simply to enhance golden rays’ brightness more
Often I interrogated myself ‘why, what, how? For
All questions, fruits are answers that roots pour!

Yearned to lapse into the silence of a foetus
In the womb of Nature, who’s a great poetess
Vision fades, heart shrinks as the age sprinkles
The feel of ice cold touch, pallor and wrinkles

Hoped to perch upon the mount of happiness
Seeing pristine seeds of joy in every countenance
The burden of desires mars my own happiness
Shadow others’ happiness by my own selfishness

The new born lamb is missing from the herd
Love has shrunk to the orthography of a word
Let me join the flock of birds in the flight at sky
Recite hymn of praise to the creator as they fly