Poems by Swati Krishna

The Tempest

a poem by Swati Krishna

I weep as I feel the tempest rage
All bleak and dark and ever reaching
The numbness in me spreads
As you go far beyond my reach

It’s dark and forbidding, my love
A guillotine hangs upon my neck
Your smile erases the pain by bit
Your absence is just keenly felt

It hurts my love, where do I start
I can’t see the light anymore
I wish to scar and rage and die
But the numbness burns more than scars

I wish you were beside me now
I imagine the whispered comforts
I cry myself to the lull of sleep
You seem so far and far out of reach

I cannot take it anymore my love
You’re not here and I can’t take it no more
My demons drown me and I lose my breath
Even as I die I think of you

I think of your laughter and your gentle hands
I do not have the right to think of them
And yet I want now more than ever
In the crowding darkness I float away

I am next to you in this little peace of heaven
We carve for ourselves our own my paradise
Mine is as I listen to your words
Your cadence and laughter and your hesitance

I am a sinner and a broken one
God and Devil exist in my head
They wage their wars and I feel my blood
Upon my dying breath I weep


a poem by Swati Krishna

Comes a time; not so again
to make and give and feel
the ambience of prestige;
like no camera without a reel;

A fear to lose it, bonuses it
again and again
the thought so dense
creeps up, leaving in a bootless inquisition.

Practical sense seems lost
no shades of black and white
all appearing grey
vanishing for its, bright and right.

Some scenes making
the importance to boil over.
Others forget to look back forth it
this is what happens-
when respect and gains
is soon to be lost
the way it always pours,
when rains.