Funniest is confidence

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Struggled for the name
It’s my pen name in life
Buzz words can’t turn me
Byword I am the unknown to you

Measuring tortured me
Then closed world never opened
Ignition was “I aspire”
Commitment was “I am bound”

Every filter managed me
Funniest was my innocent confidence
Fluctuates as the wire
Behaves as the air

Beings say you can it pleasures
Beings say you may it “feels important”
Beings say you can’t it “drops the face”
Realisation called me to ignore

Situational commitment visioned me
And buzz beats never declined me
The only difference was my feeling
Not the societal bites

Choose wise commitment
When funny confidence can’t
Confidence is intrinsic
Which ignites the intrinsic
Ignores the extrinsic

Shadow the feelings light up
The want’s, then all the pleasure is we