Poems by Joy


a poem by Joy

Stars in my eyes
clouds at my feet.
Emotions gush
wild and unstoppable
like the waterfalls.
Mother nature dressed
in life.
A gown of green
sequined with petals
of every hue.
Sounds of silence…
My heart whispers
a name
my soul feels
a reassuring presence
my spirit soars
and life goes on.


a poem by Joy

Eyes in heaven
Hands on the Earth
Celestial love
in mortal hearts.
Divine glow
in human flow.
Infinite bliss
In finite lives.
The Supreme reveals
His beauty
in all of us.
Eyes on the Earth
Heaven in his hand
He rejoices.


a poem by Joy

Maybe someday you will
Have the heart to walk my way
Maybe someday I will
Find the fortitude to walk away
Until then we continue to live
Precariously on the brink
Letting anger doubts and fears
Serrate our bleeding hearts
Rendering the corrosive chasms
More and more unbridgeable.

Coffee at Trafalgar Square

a poem by Joy

Some cool English summer eve
alone on a cold stone bench I sit
symbols of peace flutter around
swooping down noisily in doves
babes in prams look up in glee
kids play scarecrow, arms stretched out
inviting the birds to perch on their arms
couples in love cootchie coo
lost in their own sweet world
Lord Nelson eyes the milling millieu
stone lions lose their regal grandeur
incongruous in this concrete jungle
the water in the fountains
flows relentlessly
imitating the music of a forest stream.

I look around and look within
searching for a kindred soul
a hand reaches out
taps my shoulder
JOY! eyes embrace
arms reach out
I smile, pinch myself
am I dreaming I ask
you smile, clasp my hand lovingly
lead me to the coffee house
right across the street
a scrabble board tucked under your arm.

The Perfect Deal

a poem by Joy

His lust and her love
It was the perfect deal
He played with her body
She romanced his soul
Time and tide ran their course
Urging them to move on
He walked away-empty handed
She remained… heart overflowing.

He loves me! He loves me not!

a poem by Joy

He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me
He loves me not
Quivering lips mutter
As cruel hands tear
Petal after petal
The flower bed
Lies stripped of blooms
Soft defenseless soldiers
Lie heaped, limbs asunder
Martyrs to a lost cause
Buried under leaden weight
Of a heart heavy
With the truth
Of a love long lost
The heart knows
But refuses to believe
Eyes spot another
Bed of helpless daisies
Brutal fingers reach out
Mechanically rip
Soft petal after petal
Lips hypnotically mouth
He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me
He loves!!


a poem by Joy

Lovejoy flies
the lil space
on earth
-her world
eyes seeking
heart yearning
wings fluttering
for love, to feed
her hungry heart
her sinking soul
and her weary wings.

Love- On the rocks

a poem by Joy

High on swigs of elixir
I saunter,
meandering thru perilous pitfalls
feeling indestructible
in need of only a few sips more
I thumb my nose at life’s tribulations
daring sorrow to come darken my door
drunk on love
on the rocks
my reason inebriated
my speech slurred
soused to the brim
my will lies in a heap
tomorrow conspires to come
accompanied by a hilarious harangue
a hammering hangover
and a heartless heartbreak.

Joy Ride

a poem by Joy

You took me for a joyride
A royal ride it was, my friend
Emotional baggages carried, exchanged
We voyaged out of the present and beyond
Yet, here I find myself, rooted to the past.
Life did not allot us any time together
Stealing some, we journeyed, arm in arm
Into each other’s past, present and future
The spell’s broken, the ride is over
Behind bars, I find myself-atoning
For that ticketless travel into your world.

Piscean Dreamboat

a poem by Joy

Piscean Dreamboat
you woke me too soon
the dream was broken
you woke me too soon
shattering my dream.
you were so…
so wonderful
so loving
so caring
so real
so true
so near
so you
you were almost mine.

A look…

a poem by Joy

A look…
a touch…
a smile…
a word…
says it all…
That love is in the heart.
A look…
a touch…
a smile…
a word…
Says it all…
That-love is there no more.


a poem by Joy

I have used up all…
my smiles
my tears
my peace
my fears
my words
my songs
my rights
my wrongs
my highs
my lows
my friends
my foes
my luck
my fate
my love
my hate
my nights
my days
my sunshine
my greys
my time
my space
Guess its time to check out now.

Shooting Star

a poem by Joy

As I reach for the stars I see
A shooting star break free, like me
Detach itself from loved ones around
Disintegrate into nothingness, without a sound.

For some, its just a star to wish upon
Silly foolish desires that vanish at dawn.
Wish I could grant you, your wish, my sweet.
When I sing my swan song and retreat.

All that I am is a blink in time.
Nothing is forever-nor yours, nor mine.
Destiny brings us together, or tears us apart.
We just walk the path it solemnly charts.

Like the shooting star I will blink and fade
From everyone’s memory soon I’ll jade.
Your mind sky no darker shall be
For the loss of one insignificant me.

Fly Away

a poem by Joy

Your need to break free from me,
Is greater than my need to hold on.
So, go my love, I set you free
No more a prisoner of my heart.
Gently, snap the chains of love
That kept you fettered to my soul
Spread your wings, just fly away.
I ask not why, I ask not where.
Some day you seek captivity again,
Return, for the cell shall remain
unoccupied and unlocked.
Awaiting your return.

Free Fall

a poem by Joy

Its a free fall of emotions.
No parachute to gently lower me to the ground.
No cushioned air bag to soften the fall.
Spiralling down at breakneck speed
Losing height, I gain quick insight
Into that glorified transient feeling
That gave me wings to soar to that heavenly height
No hands outstretched, clutching at deceptive straws.
Lids shut tight, I plummet, resigned to my fate.
An “emotional-arrest” as I hit hard rugged reality.
Benumbed, stupefied, the pain I do not feel.
Far gone , hopeless, and beyond resuscitation
Comatose lies the heart-
Coffined in an agile body frame.