Days to come

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

If I could sit on the tail of a butterfly’s wing
and run my hands through my hair as I sing.
I would stick out my tongue, because those are the days to come.

If all was peaceful around the world,
and if my words took a not so minor twirl,
for life to be struck blind, and for heaven to once more be intwined.
Yes lord, those are the days to come.

Making love to life in it’s rarest form,
and knowing that it is love, that will one day on the stage of life perform.
With a slight shake of my head
and the wind at my back I would know that those are the days to come.

Being free from stress and strife
having the good sense to make you my wife.
Raising our family as one
giving them the gifts of love and fun
those are the days to come.

Happy thoughts not a single tear,
no need to run around in fear.
No way to stop the good,
the bad is out as we knew it would.

Me sitting up in bed, painting your toes and,
you telling me that you want them red and after all has been said.
Those are the days to come.

Me sheltering you from the rain as you run to the car,
you telling me to hurry up and wish up on the fallen star.
You telling the children to do their homework, us sitting in a restaurant,
and the couple next to us gives a smirk.
Those are the days to come.
Holding you so close in me you hope to leave alone,
but I take you home cause those are the days to come.

If you want more days then keep,
playing with me, for I am the one you seek.
The one you should keep,
the one that life leads you to,
in the days to come.

Now as I close my eyes behind,
the blinds you sit still in my mind,
knowing you could never find,those days to come.

Hear my cry I love you baby,and I don’t know why.
It is just that you have captured something inside, of me and my feelings I can’t hide.
I must show you this in the days to come.

My love I can’t stop
and as the days drop,
you must not disappear,
in that lets be clear.
I will wait for your on the perpisce of the moon,
for baby the days to come are coming real soon.

Stare into the hole of my life
and know that you are the one and only,
I would make my wife.
For those are the days to come.

What is it I must say,
for I cannot tell you of any other way.
That if I need a friend,
you are the one that would be there
in the days to come till
the end.

This is dedicated to a very special lady in my life
the lady who will one day become my wife-
Susan C.