Poems by Abraham Oommen

Home Sick

a poem by Abraham Oommen

Call me back home, my mother!
I’m damn sick bitten by this weather
Feed me the nectar from thy breasts
As, my growth, this ailment arrests

Let me toddle holding your finger
Sniff your aroma that does linger
As I touch thy cloak’s hem and feel
Power that makes my wounds heal

Take me to the orchard, let’s gather
Sweet fruits ripe and colorful rather
As you nod at my prattle and smile
My dreams do come true for a while

Tell me that fairy tale at bed time
In your mellifluous voice’s rhyme
Beside your warmth, in my sleep
I see angels from heaven do peep

All my worlds around you revolve
As well all my knots in you resolve
Just I want you touch me and make
My self feel safe, when I’m at stake

Once more, you kiss on my fore head
Hum a lullaby as I lie snugly in bed
Anoint me with thy tears and impart
Whiff of love to permeate in my heart

Return of the Prodigal

a poem by Abraham Oommen

I feel that all my strength fails
And my soul in utter agony wails
I seek thy caring love and pray
For sunshine over my skies, grey

Shadows spread, darken the mind
Mock at me as my failures unwind
Seek thy light to brighten realms
Of my world of hopes and dreams

How I feel ashamed of my self!
As I turn away from you like an elf
Hooked on the self made shackles
Weep and sigh and I seek thy solace

All thy gifts I’ve buried in a pitch
And never cared to mend a stitch
Why you’ve given me this free will?
All glory in my cup is sure to spill

As I recover from my inflictions
Least bothering any reflections
Apt to take my own course of life
Till I’m torn apart by mental strife

Again I turn unto you my Lord
And you welcome me to thy abode
Where anything, no one lacks
Saying, ‘Come my child and relax.’

Utopian or Dystopian?

a poem by Abraham Oommen

How long I’ve waited for the waves to subside
So that I might hook up my dreams in the tide
Looked forward to see at least once the sun to rise
From the west, to add to the dawn’s great surprise!

How I craved to creep into the sun’s melting core
Simply to enhance golden rays’ brightness more
Often I interrogated myself ‘why, what, how? For
All questions, fruits are answers that roots pour!

Yearned to lapse into the silence of a foetus
In the womb of Nature, who’s a great poetess
Vision fades, heart shrinks as the age sprinkles
The feel of ice cold touch, pallor and wrinkles

Hoped to perch upon the mount of happiness
Seeing pristine seeds of joy in every countenance
The burden of desires mars my own happiness
Shadow others’ happiness by my own selfishness

The new born lamb is missing from the herd
Love has shrunk to the orthography of a word
Let me join the flock of birds in the flight at sky
Recite hymn of praise to the creator as they fly


a poem by Abraham Oommen

See me wounded and doomed
As I’m willfully harpooned
At the core of my moral deeds
Which fail the worldly weeds

The utterance of conscience is
Subsided in vague misty haze
Prayers and chanting soar high
Sound empty, as a horse’s neigh

The supplications to evade sin
Now, means to hide sin and win
Favour finds them who schmooze
But they are really grit in the shoes

The shadows dance hood winked
As words and deeds aren’t linked
Vanity bags don’t make a fine pack
Contents get better hold in a sack

Nocturnal birds sing a sweet tune
Enticed by the crescent moon
Spoilt by the occasional shower
Deserts do long for a green cover

Drenched in the drizzle of sorrow
I am damn frozen to the marrow
How I crave for cocoon warmth
Sweet feel and smell of hyacinth

Golden face that melts the cloud
Wields on me profoundly a clout
I wish l had some rest in the citadel
Where I found a paramount model

Morning Stroll

a poem by Abraham Oommen

Hold my hand, let me walk with you
Lawns with flowers, paint a subtle hue
Let’s tread the tracks in the mountains
Down in the valley, along the plains

The love scented morning fragrance
Deep in my heart, sprouts up romance
Countryside flora, with its fresh flowers
Adds ecstasy to any embracing lovers

Kiss me and breathe love into my soul
In graceful air, in your lap, let me loll
Absorbed in the warmth of your love
I ‘bill and coo’ in the nest of my dove

April showers unleash the scent of dust
Wind steals away the aroma in a gust
Let’s walk around the grove on bare feet
Stare at the lambs as they hop and bleat

Pelt stones at mangoes, hang in bunch
On trees, merrily tossing the branch
Let’s scale heights and conquer peaks
Decipher the lingo, the Nature speaks

We reach where we’ve started this route
Everything new and fresh from the root
The Nature’s gifts, in an aura of novelty
Abundant and free without any royalty!

Evening Euphoria

a poem by Abraham Oommen

There on the ripples my little canoe
Sways and swings to Nature’s rhythm
Evening sky with its conjuring trick
Tempts and induces the water to gleam

There I sit on the prow of my canoe
Splashing water along with my feet
Mood takes tunes in sweet melody
Sing with ripples, the music of water

The dark sky elegantly jewelled
And ornate with twinkling stars
The shimmering moon enhances
Maiden night’s luminous beauty

Lulled by the rocking canoe
On the ever pampering waters
Mesmerizing spell of the breeze
Offers a nap with celestial dreams

Tryst with myself

a poem by Abraham Oommen

As the thoughts arouse in mutiny
And agitate the mind’s scrutiny
Retire I to the castle of silence
Bring to a stand still, all parlance
As I retreat from fire and mire
Shoving the dead thoughts on pyre
I see vivid pictures of my deeds
And hear booming echo of words
The act of introspection works
And the outcome pricks and irks
My mind settles down in peace
In the castle of serene silence
A symphony is played in my mind
Finest, rarest of the musical kind
My heart beats the notes of love
I sing with notes on the bass clef
Joy and sorrow well woven enough
The texture of life, coarse and rough
Pricks the world and smites its logic
Balmy dreams soothe with a magic
Those my big dreams and hopes died
As my canoe in a whirlpool capsized
Peep in my heart and have a view
Of the niche that I carved for you!
Listen to the warble of my heart
In silence, with attention let’s start


a poem by Abraham Oommen

Misbegotten, livid child Tsunami
The annihilation’s novel synonym
Born of a clandestine kinky affair
Betwixt the land and sea unaware
Elf of a tremor from earth’s womb
Stealthily but abruptly built a tomb
On crushed corpses and their dreams
Sparked by a family feud, it seems!
Why this planet named after land?
For three fourth of it water at hand
Sun, Moon and ‘Hydron’ it befits
The coasts for this reason it inflicts
As it rocks and lashes the habitats
Of the common man and devastates
Wrath of Nature, Gods and kings
Apt to descend upon poor beings!
Their yelling hushed up by the waves
Bodies buried in sand bed graves
Their sighs wafted through the air
Divide and take each one’s share
Four elements hasten among themselves
The sky and the sun mute witnesses
With heart rending sobs farewell
In this calamity, a prey thou fell
Extend a helping hand to rekindle
Their wilted hopes and a touch gentle


a poem by Abraham Oommen

The God, Beauty, Dew and Mirages

There was a big bang
God shattered into human
Satan: into animals.

* * * * * * * * *

Beauty folded in
The petals of lotus’ bud
Roots in stench of mud

* * * * * * * * *

The dew drops flirted
And eloped with morning rays
Grass shoots stood blinked.

* * * * * * * * *

Flashing mirages
Mar the marvel of oasis
Mislead caravans

Condensed Thoughts

a poem by Abraham Oommen

Boisterous sparks soon vanishes
Ember too crumbles down to ashes
Too much activity brings calamity
Idleness generates receptivity
Rules and statutes kill creativity
Haves and have-nots all embrace
Dust at death inside the graves
Every precise moment is pawned
For a bright future well dawned
Often as in the end one just finds
His efforts in vain; no one minds
Vanity pervades in all competitions
Heads to mechanical repetitions
The sea stinks and smells nasty
But rich with pearls and food tasty
The whole day is not morning
Life isn’t invariably mourning
As often one falls prey to emotion
See, he is lost in the commotion
The theorem of the Nature proves
One bit splits into many a loves
Many a bits merge into one piece
Seed sprouts and gives forth sheaves
To make a sea, drop of water dreams
Right and wrong are mere voices
They are preferences and choices
Nature’s law stands as precautions
On man’s petty laws of occasions!
In spirits ardently worship God
The flesh be practical with gold

To My Muse

a poem by Abraham Oommen

At times I feel you nearby
Sometimes as you soar high
All time I wish you be with me
But I feel you hasten to flee
Be with me, chat for sometime
Tune for me, a marine rhyme
The sea has never been simple
Kissing the land on its dimple
For ever and ever as I love you
Breeze in the grass as they woo
My thoughts as white as the snow
About my love, that’s all I know
Lo, this is my clandestine affair
That shines ever as a sapphire
You are the muse of my song
Heighten the rapture of throng
Let me adore and sing at thy altar
My granary full that I can barter
With verses as sheaves of grains
Offerings at thy feet as my gains

Prick of Conscience

a poem by Abraham Oommen

The frown on her infant face
Do prick my heart and pierce
It’s no wonder in exclamation
Anguish marked interrogation
Not exciting festive fire works
It’s life taking full bomb blasts
The hurt reflected on her face
Darts fire on their wanton ways
Shielded by piety and politics
A misnomer for these lunatics
Evil blistered her tender hand
Ere embracing her home land
Scattered and deformed corpses
Mascot for their sadistic races
Their actions those are mundane
Brim with vile crafts, inhumane
Her picture in the news print
Left me pricking, a sad imprint
Afflicts me with a burning pain
How I crave for a soothing rain


a poem by Abraham Oommen

Vacation in its cradle of infancy
So far hasn’t acquired any fluency
Fancying the cozy lot merriment
The thoughts spark excitement!
Plans for all and sundry activity
That would keep fun in captivity
Vacation is break from vocation
Ease from routines’ suffocation
No fun to be lazy, then go crazy
Often happens in holiday legacy
Days gallop: time at snail’s pace
Slumbering lethargy is its grace
Procrastination casts magic spell
Out of routine makes you unwell
Vacation grows to adolescence
Making itself more of non sense
Then it reaches that sinking stage
Feel a loss at heart of its wastage
Vacation brings with it no delights
A vicarious pleasure it high lights
Whim and fancy withal wit derive
Enchantment as vacations arrive

A feast on beauty

a poem by Abraham Oommen

Hillocks clad in soft green smock
Head and foot under sleet and fog
Zonked in cat-nap, like a bride
It’s a vista of the mountain’s pride
A royal banquet for any starving eyes
A feast on beauty, here, no man wise!
Last time when I saw this mountain
Depleted all of its ecstatic fountain
Smouldering in the scorching heat
As an old man’s head, bald and neat
The hot wind hovered over as a sigh
Hillocks with wistful looks at the sky
The meadows with fresh green look
The cattle grazing, a gaiety took
Nature’s book, full of varied pages
Manifests the Great Author’s images
We read and read and learn nothing
Nature’s music, we don’t let it sing
Charm and grace of feast and festivals
Remain fresh as they arrive at intervals

It’s all about you

a poem by Abraham Oommen

The sun sprinkles golden rays
Wind stirs the dark blue waves
The moon murmurs amorous songs
Sky alights on land on its wings
Horizon decked in crimson red
Lie stretched along the sandy bed
Perched upon my canoe’s prow
These thoughts in my heart grow
You bloomed in my bosom as
Rich petals of blood red roses
You brightened my life with
The light of wisdom and truth
You smiled at me wide spreading
The fragrance of true love lasting
Craving to live a life meaningful
A life with you that’s wonderful
Years pass by, seasons cycle by
Our love is a never ending lullaby
Without pricks and subtle trick
Let’s be the lamp of oil and wick
A simple home in rural setting
Enchanting with intense petting
Peace, love and joy linger in air
Let’s embrace in each others care