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a poem by Shubhi

Busted from the string of necklace
The beautiful white jewels tumbled down.

Wheeling and rolling they vanished somewhere in the town
And gone far in the hands of a magical clown.

The clown gave an awful smile
And coloured them all in an artistic style.

As I ran to collect the marbles
He has already painted them
And clinched a deal to a rich man.
I followed him throughout at the cool winter night
In the month of Jan.

I stopped the rich man, he turned,
He was my father which made me stunned.
I hugged him tight and bursted into tears
As I met him after many years.

He gave me those coloured pearls which erstwhile was indeed mine
I counted them and yes they were finally altogether nine.

Those pearls now appeared more captivating from before
I deep down in my heart blessed the clown for shaping them moreover allure.