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The Cuccoon (What you’ve done)

a poem by Prashanth Prasadarao J

Now it feels like a dream.
Those mistakes; and these punishments.

Should I still be looking for reasons to stay?
Should I be looking back on yesterday?

Shouldn’t I be walking away?

I’m waiting for your call tonight.
Give me another chance to make this right.
Come meet me under the stars again,
Let’s dance, my dear Moonlight.

You’ll say, “We’ll take it somewhere”
I’ll say, “I’d go from here to anywhere, with you”

I’ll say, “I’ll be there for you.”
And you’ll say, “That’s what soulmates do.”

We’ll lose each other a thousand times across blurred lines,
On mountain climbs through the hard times, the long miles,
And within our rhymes we’ll hide our crimes and march on,
Life goes on. Move on. Just carry on. But hold on. Wait.

Breathe. Take your time.

Open your eyes.
See beyond the lines,
And realise.

Feel the fire inside.

We are all here to do what’s right.
We are all here to free our minds.

When paths like ours collide,
When our gods and their graces unite,
Heaven sings and roars with pride,
We are all on the same side.
We are all the same on the inside.

We’ll read between our lines to find,
What’s running through each other’s minds,
And ourselves again in spaces stuck in time.

In this place for you and me,
We’ll wile away the hours.
We’ll write away our tragedies,
And we’ll sing about our lovers.

We’ll drink from dusk to dawn.
We’ll smoke at sunrise and carry on.
We’ll sleep only if we have to, and
Wake up whenever you want.

“We’ll live forever in a day.”
“Let’s get married next Thursday!”
“We’ll be high for most of it anyway.”

Till we feel the hunger start to fade,
And we’ll each decide it’s time to fly away.

“I’m with you. You are my One.”

Spaces, places, faces stuck in time.