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Musings of a Theophile on Continuing Education

a poem by Push2cool

Life was a fair game,
Subsumed in my naivety.
For the tryst with fame,
Wasn’t part of my destiny.

I’m thrust by almighty God,
Into this aura of greatness,
Without posturing like a fraud,
Which usually ends in bitterness.

Continuing education is vital,
At any station in life.
For success is guaranteed in total,
Unless I turn away from strife.

Work that is brought home,
May promote me in hierarchy.
But the teachings from tome,
Help patrol the subsequent anarchy.

Having survived demagoguery,
My situation is vicarious.
Tyrants offer no mercy,
Deeming my mind precarious.

Education then becomes an antidote,
To whatever ails me.
For good life is an asymptote,
I’d rather pursue than flee.