Step of Faith

a poem by Miryam Sakeena Nahar

Climb to the top of the mountain
Every step He’ll be right there
Reaching out His arms of love
Reaching out His hand of care.

Do not be afraid to reach into thin air
His hand will be there, promising you He’ll never let go
Do not be afraid to step on ground you cannot see
He promises for you solid Rock He shall be.

Beloved, think not He’s waiting for you to reach out first
His loving arm is already extended
“Grace begins where human ability ends”
And there on the Cross your ability has ended.

Your right choices He has chosen before time began
Each wrong choice you would do, He has sorted
So take up your Cross,
Strengthened by His Grace and His Love only
You in Jesus dying daily.

And when you reach the final step
He’ll lift you up to the top of the mountain
His hand still placed in yours so faithfully
Each step you took having fought the good fight
Been true to the faith God placed in your heart
Not forgetting His yoke which made it so easy
And His burden which made yours so light.

And there at the top of the hill of the Lord you dance
The dance of Life in the arms of your Lord Jesus
Sealed in the song of each moment
And music to which Satan cannot listen.