Wheel of Life

a poem by Poorvasha .

And how often do we feel like reversing the wheel of life?
How often do we wish to obliterate past misdeeds or an unwarranted strife!

An urge to tweak the carousel of time,
An urge to pull back the momentary chime.

This urge is built of remorse and questionable actions,
Of failure, sorrow and misinterpreted reactions.

We condemn ourselves for picking the wrong path,
But is the self-rebuttal justified considering that it has no aftermath?

Dwell into how you can shape what the future beholds,
Look forward to how the residual chapters unfold.

Take actions that rectify those mortal mistakes,
Abandon guilt and regain all you had kept on stake.

Don’t reverse the wheel into the unfathomable past,
But drive on the road ahead to uncover where it lasts.