Then and Now!

a poem by Rosebud

With the break of dawn, I’d wait to see that gleaming face,
Now, this day I pray my day doesn’t begin that way.
Days were spent with his presence all around
And to me!… there was novelty in the air.
This day but!… I prefer to dodge even an inch of a thought.

Then was the time!! With him I felt eternal,
This is a day, without him I feel blessed.
When he spoke there was aroma,
When he kissed, that was peace.
This day but these thoughts only make me sulk.

When evening came, I spent them in his arms,
What was lust, I took it for love!!
This evening O Lord!!
Let me think not of then is what I pray today.

As night fell, we saw the twinkles together,
I remember having built palaces up there,
And this is a day! I hate this darkness,
For the memories they hoard I hate the heavenly bodies up there.