The Grand Concert

a poem by Remigius de Souza

Koyal’s calls keep me company
in my lonesome night
and at early hours daily
in my backyard’s green canopy
a grand concert goes on,
on the air!

At this grand autonomous academy
none need either admission,
reservation or recognition,
except among barbarian human races.

The grand concert goes on
forever around out and in,
in-between the sky and the Earth:
where I am an actor, singer, dancer,
audience and onlooker
together with the other-
the other – everyone and I-
here and now, a man, and insect,
a leaf, a cloud, a ray, a raindrop
-seen and unseen,
is an unique tone, tune, colour,
an alphabet, an episode, an epic’

in between my entry and exit-
an exit is only a momentary interval…