Disconnected Day

a poem by Anurag Barman

When it slipped away from my hand
And fell into the bucket with a splash
I felt as if I am drowning
My heartbeat stopped
When its display went off

The repairer seemed to be the doctor
To whom I was begging for my baby
He took it to the ICU
And told me to come the next day
I returned home

An hour gone
Another hour gone
But I kept gazing at the empty walls
And the winds started to strike my eyes
Putting off to sleep

A lightning reopened my eyes
Took a pen and paper
And started writing this poem
And I came out from the world
With a transformation

Suddenly, I felt free
With eyes opened to other things
And there was no burden
The night passed
But I didn’t care to bring it back
The next day

My baby. My mobile.