Deep Thoughts

a poem by Chandini

Countless souls trapped
Inside a glass vase
Unfulfilled desires
Eternity waits a mental test
To be stabbed in the chest
The deceit you feel
The reality you face
All the fears locked in just
One place you got to dig deep
To find meaning the prize
Inside always gleaming
Relaxing with the rain
It drizzles down
But don’t think of the pain
Humming the notes of a life
The feelings of winning a fight
Can’t you see the stars
All the goals that seem to far all that hides
In the corners of your mind
Unleash what’s inside
It wont help you feel alive
Search inside for another life
You can’t obtain all the rage just builds
But you must restrain
Advice can only do so much
But not enough
When your minds made up meaningless morals
We’re forced to learn
All the words we say
We take turns accusing one
With all your stupidity without an open mind
It might be hard to see