As Ideas Fly

a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

The idea I had
before I wrote these lines
has disappeared,
like a hasty shadow of fear
remembered at twilight time.

Now my mind is crowded by old songs
I thought had gone into the chest on the loft
where childhood toys are left to rot.

Something about
‘if I were an elephant
you would be able to see me from time to time’
the rest is a haze of words

Elephantine thighs and large earrings,
the hidden fountain of youth, dark crevices
and smooth mountain slopes.

‘Those who dares, wins’
A title of a movie I once saw,
brave men with clenched jaws
and guns killing each other easily.

Heroic is the man who seeks
the elephant woman’s love,
to overcome her doubt
that he is more than stalking bar fly.

I remember now,
the idea was to stuff toilet paper
in the mouth of that man, in the bar,
who tells dirty stories about his wife.