Ageless Foolishness

a poem by Angadh Singh

Dark were those days,
When you walked away from my life.
For I shut myself from this world,
To avoid fear and rejection.

Months of intense speculation followed,
Familiar closed doors and suicide notes.
Quit the good’ol things I did in my teenage,
Far from winning I just didn’t want to lose.

I sat pondering over the unfortunate past,
I should confess I didn’t make a thing out of it.
With all my time spent and energy dissipated,
What was I doing, being optimistic or plain stupid???

And just when one of those days was coming to an end,
I see dark clouds looming about in the menacing sky.
With an intuition that my fears would soon come true,
I wished to put an end to the eon of misery.

Now I faintly recall how genteel raindrops of monsoon fell,
Kissed the ground and enlivened a plethora of dead cells.
And how I felt still alive or still a fool probably,
Rejuvenated, I knew I was ready to play new game again.