a poem by Aryaindia

Shining in the blaze of enlightened solitude
Reap do I from conscience that abates
Springing forth the magical connection
Of staid ambience with soul’s enrapture
My delight is spelt forth seeking abundance
Of twilight’s deemed promises that cling

Why? I am unable to explain!
Is my sunshine – my sorrow?

Gorgeous in knowing that truth is painful
Yet do I venture to know as it unfolds
In pathways that dampen my spirit of living
Each shock of the moment unduly breaking
My resolve to endeavour life’s struggles
As each pitches a battle of survival

Why? I am unable to sustain!
Is the shade, my peace within?

Never looking back I strive forth
Facing with resolute strength to believe
That no bad can come of good
When felt for mankind at large

Yes! I can explain!
There is shade when the sun shines

Always groping ahead I leave behind
The sorrows that were once mine
Reminescensing the good that came
Of knowing them in the larger context

Yes! I can sustain!
Just as sorrow brings on peace