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a poem by Christuraj Alex

Ancient philosophies insist on Immortality,
Theologies hold of its unavoidability;
As many old religions, so thought Christianity:
That Immortality is God’s gift to humanity…

Reincarnation – charmingly the Indology holds,
Life, death, and rebirth cycle of Samsara bold unfolds;
How happy I am to be born as a lotus or rose,
Yet, lo, at the thought of their tentativeness, I repose…

Existentialism has evoked my thoughts rather deeply,
The nullity and barrenness of the birth-death chiefly;
If so why, in this world, do I need to live this life hard?
When I know the cruel death char and make everything marred?

I get dreams, sometimes; I am dead and solemnly buried,
Angels carry me; to Abraham’s lap I am hurried;
At other times I am like chicken or mutton roasted,
Within endless ovens of deepest hell till exhausted…

I see my coffin in the womb of the earth just breaking,
Some seed, within me, hiding, getting fervently cracking;
Me growing into plants unknown, springing and blossoming,
Pollinating, growing, spreading out, and keep creating…

In the end, lo, I do not know anything about it.
Yet, again, if I might try in my own words to put it:
It’s like asking the taste of honey to a newborn kid,
How can it be said before, at least once, not tasting it?

Yet, do not wait, dear people, to taste immortality!
It’s lying here! In everything! Taste it sumptuously!
Love! Go on loving! Get loved! Hated! Go limitlessly!
Gain whatever you want to gain out of this life! Fully!