Religion and Spirituality

a poem by Malathi Jagannathan

Religions may come, religions may go.
But spirituality is here forever to stay.
Religions talk of Gods so many,
Spirituality speaks of love infinity.
Religions narrow down our vision-‘My God, My religion.’
Spirituality expands compassion -‘Love all, bless all.’
Religions preach virtue and sin through ‘scriptures.’
Spirituality speaks love through ‘silence.’
Religions are the alphabets that help master spirituality
As a, b, c are the alphabets to master the language, English
Religions and alphabets are symbols just,
With no meanings any, when on their own.
Yet they are a must, the very first steps
To master the language in the respective fields.

Let religions hold on to us
Rather than we clinging on to them.
When religions hold us we become divine,
But when we hold on to religion we are called fanatics.
Like all mothers who know when to set kids free,
Religions too will let go of us
The moment we are masters of our own true selves.
To love ones religion is a commendable act
But to hate all others is a crime on God.
Let us not in the name of religion
Spread the venom of hatred and farce.
Let the bud of religion
Bloom into a flower of spirituality
And the whole of this universe
Flourish in prosperity.

Peace! Peace! Peace!