Faith and Beliefs and Reflections

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The story of success and ways
The hurdle and the efforts
Every deed counts
The efforts and moves
The hurdles and the mountain
The little drops and ocean
The experience of time travel
Dawn and dusk
The flower amidst the thorns
The hope of rays and sunlight
The waves pass on and the memories
The flower so fresh with colour
The greens so new and the rain drops

The man looks back histories
The new wind and the new clouds
The life on earth the biosphere
The colours of spectrum so true

The biosphere so rich with more life
Come alive. Oh! flower
The moon in silence. Come again
Matters of reality illustrating facts
The different waves and different facts
So true. May time help with more truths

Relief! Relax! After success
Ever the goal the same
Leading role of the victory
Ever for success of rely on

Celebration of success. True
Exhibiting the success story
Uncounted the efforts behind
Is failure due to mistake

History repeats. Rather a success story
The new victory and new efforts
All to win, and born on earth
The victory and the experience so hard

The efforts to improve the world around
A total success as well the goal
The road to success paved for every one
To learn every day the fads

What is true success
To realize the facts and you
What is true success and facts
Is the world made of deeds and matter of reality