I am sorry, my dear friend…

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

I had never received love
Always faced hatred
What I had done ever wrong?
Am I so wasted?

I have had learnt things
From people like you
Who used to lecture me
About my attitude and lifestyle too.

I was a nerdy guy
Until my grade seven
When I first confronted
The mischievous eleven.

They joked at my answers
Laughed at my dress-up
Some used to pass comments at my looks;
Others poked with a pointed object
When I fell asleep during a class to wake me up.

That was the moment
When I realised that innocence sucks.
I turned the tables on them;
Felt as if I had earned a hundred bucks.

A strange wave of tranquility surged throughout my body
As if I was alive one more time;
Dealing with the daily chaos had then become
Just a piece of cake
A glass of lime.

As I go with the flow
Till the present day
With a slow decline of my humanity
On the filthy way
I try to be free from the dark shadows
Of my unholy past;
I do not know whether how long
I am going to last.