A prayer to You, Lord

a poem by Mary Mathew

This is my prayer to You, Lord.
May each word I speak, each step I take,
Make a difference in others’ lives and ease
Up their load on their shoulder.
Let there remain a memory of the love that
Made this happen in their lives in their minds
For reminiscences brings in one that utmost
Honour in living and blessings of many kinds.
To bestow a kiss, give a hug, and show that I care,
To make peace for the times when temper shoots up
And let my smile impart the hearts around a warm-up
Thus changing the day’s fate to one of a nice weather.

This is my prayer to You, Lord.
Whenever I am in pain, in loneliness I feel
Thy hands touching me and making me heal.
The shadows of my past haunt me throughout.
I pray to Thee, to make me forgive and forget.
Whenever storms seems endless in life,
I pray that Thou bring in sunshine and rain
To battle the frequency of the strife.
When desires set off unbridled like a wild horse,
Restrain me with the whip of Thy gentle hands.

This is my prayer to You, Lord.
Whenever I am burdened by life’s troubles,
Remind me of the cross that Thou carried
In this world for cleansing of our sins.
With each morning light let me cast away
The darkness in my life for a better day.
Thus make me live this life as though
This were my last moment, and with Thou
Around me I will find the necessary strength.
This is my prayer to You, Lord for which
I seek Thy answer, love, guidance, as such.