a poem by Nandita Pai

Gandhiji was a great personality,
To be a leader he had the ability.
He fought for India’s independence,
That too following ‘Ahimsa’ which meant ‘Non-Violence’
With the British he fought,
And to India, independence he brought.
‘I follow the path of Ahimsa’ Gandhiji said,
And in the battle field there was not a drop of blood.
Silently he fought the battle,
And non-violently we got the victory.
He worked hard for people’s unity,
And tried to stop the Hindu-Muslim enmity.
His childhood principle was,
Speaking the truth at all cost.
Gandhiji was a man so great,
And to have had him as a leader makes India feel great.
Oh! Bapu we still dearly love you,
Now there is no one like you.
Oh! Bapu how I wish you were here,
To help us live in this world without fear.
Gandhiji is a person whom I really admire,
To be a great person like him is what I desire.