Statutory Warning

a poem by Devarajan R

Astonishingly, the ashamed factor
Prevailing is generating humans
One second, two more steps into earth
The artless equation
In the nook of different genus
Germinates the tissue with vibrant gay
Genealogically, its a wistful desire
But the count is of historical
And leads to sarcastic speech
The burden where even the god of earth
Cry to curb down
Yes, how much she can load
After all she is also human

Firmly sit to eradicate
And steer people to educate
Static increase will lead to ovation
If uxorious mind prevails
It will lead to starvation

Demographers can only count
With fingers and complex situations
Can describe the tedious act

Depriving is against democracy
Deriving benefit by people is praiseworthy