Poems by
Devarajan R

Peace, Please!

a poem by Devarajan R

Someone is fighting for democracy
Someone is fighting for bones and flesh
When will we see peace on earth
Not even written on the walls
Who is deciding, who’s to live and who’s to die?
In despair we bow our head
There is no peace on earth, and need to repair

To hate strongly is very easy
To love, one needs a strong mind
The world is suffering from pain
Where all the flowers gone?
Only black roses blossom everywhere
And the bell always struck a wrong note.

No rifles can shoot roses
Only Rafale and rivals rule the world

The world is suffering from pain
The wrong will fail if the right prevails

Let us listen to the words of wisdom
Let us listen to the lips of great spirit
God is alive always and not dead nor asleep
Let’s pray for the peace on earth
And end the vulture’s prey

Let’s end the thundering cannon
Bring the peace on earth, goodwill to men

The world is suffering from pain.