a poem by Aswini Mishra

What do you see when you look in the mirror,
Is it you or is it a stranger?
Why is your understanding of yourself so bare,
To truly know your self do you dare?
Are you scared of what you’ll see,
Is that why you’re living your life as someone else, foolishly?
Well don’t be, discover your true self and be it,
Don’t live in someone else’s shadow.
Or one day by the sad fact you’ll be hit,
That who you are is something you don’t know.
Style isn’t about copying another entity,
But about expressing your own identity.
So why be someone else,
When it’s so much better to be yourself!
Be your own role model,
Be proud of your personality.
And if someone puts you down let them go to hell!
But always hold on to their individuality.
For there are a lot of things you can take on loan,
But when it comes to a life,you gotta make your own.