I seek thee to be my mentor

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

Please take me under thy angelic wing
Be my teacher, philosopher and friend
Across the distance, I hear angels sing
In praise of thee, flowers they descend.

As I touch paper to pen from now
Thy light shall glow within my soul
Let the finest essence of poetry show
Your hand over mine, makes me whole.

Be the shoulder on which I may lean
To become a better poetess as I pledge
Reawaken my consciousness deep within
So it may resonate with thy knowledge.

Guide me through my fears and indecisions
Using order, clarity and deep insight
With the power of a master’s precision
And confidence, let us soar into the light.

Please take me under thy angelic wing
For my highest good and greatest joy
May the angel of creativity then sing
Of thee to be my poetry Malach boy.