a poem by Maryse Saldanha

As I walked down the street of life
I met you around a bend
Then I knew not what from you to expect
Would you be a tyrant?
Would you be nice?
Fingers crossed, I continued on the trail

As we walked along the path
I knew I had found a guide in you
A firm hand as we walked through the storm
A gentle arm when the path wore me down
Together we shared many a laugh and tears
Your booming voice put to rest many fears
You always brought to our faces sweet smiles
That lingered along through the many miles

As we approach the fork along the path
Hearts grow heavy knowing we will part
But we move on with faith in our hearts
Carrying sweet memories in our minds
We wish you the best in whatever you do
We pray that great peace and joy be with you
If the path gets rough and worries wear us down
Don’t you worry AKJ dear, we’ll give you a call