Mother Nature

a poem by Sydney Fernandez

Nothing compares to mother nature;
The guardian of the world.
The keeper of Gods handiwork,
With its power unfurled.

Its forces; earth, water, air and fire,
Used by all of us too,
When needed to keep us under control,
Become weapons that follow no virtue.

They take revenge for the damage done,
Over all these years,
Paying us back for all we did,
Leaving us in tears.

We cannot face its wrath,
Nor can we see its anger.
All we know is being wiped off,
This ever so populated sphere.

All this time we pushed our luck,
Polluting her womb so much.
She did not complain and never did end,
Responding with a loving touch.

She gave us understanding, thinking we’ll change.
Like a mother would do for her kid.
But we took advantage of this love she showed,
And all our polluting, we over did.

We soiled her heart and spoiled her soul,
Thinking that we could do,
Anything to her and to the earth,
And she would see our problems through.

We never thought that what we have,
Is by us, not owned,
It is a gift by this mother,
To all of us it is loaned.

Without this mother as our guide,
We wouldn’t have this earth.
We wouldn’t have this beautiful home,
God gave us as a right, by birth.