Whispering Tree

a poem by Paramesh C R

It is trees, trees all the way
None listens to what I say
May be I am too small a tree
Unlike a birch, oak or banyan
But I stand proud and tall
Dressed in leaves, million in all
Stacked orderly together
In rows, branch after branch.

The newer the leaves are
Further they go up the branch
Until atop playing sentinel role
To save the older ones at the base.

Millions make a leafy tree
Yet are in many shapes and sizes
Live in proximity as kith and kin
Quivering and hugging
Whistling secretly each to each
As the wind blows like a beast.

Once when I was a little tree
I didn’t break loose and go running
Rain and snow did the makeover free
I was cool, green and gorgeous
Looked up to the distant stars
To grow firm and tall.

I breathe air, sleep and jiggle
Jitter and weep like a willow
Bend and sway, not break
Wake up at dawn as the sun peeks
Meet your needs of beauty and shade
For your eyes to sparkle in delight.

I am no less live than are you
Not free from aging or disease
When the time kisses till it burned
You see a desolate, withering tree
Stripped of all the million leaves
Each dropped on earth below
The tree standing nude herself
Whispering if her good folks
Had gone to stay in peace abode
Beneath the Earth, yet above.