a poem by Vipin Khandelwal

The sounds of coins tinkering
the rshshsh of notes;
It’s the medium of exchange
that’s all what money denotes;

It’s the copper’s delight
the paper’s fancy;
Attracts them to everyone
with eyes glanci’;

Money is a miracle
it brings you fame;
The possession of it
makes your’s a ubiquitous name;

Money is a fodder
it brings to you goaders;
A plenty of them
always ready to tend;

Money is a hope
raises your ability to cope;
Its absence makes you cry
weak, thin and wry;

Money has no parallel
so it is stored in barrels;
It is the measure of your laurels
the root of all quarrels;

The essence of your pay packet
decides your tax bracket;
It is the rich’s dame
but the poor is in vain;

Money has its heads
Money has its tails;
Money can’t bring you love
but it can bring you bail;

A nine days wonder
money is not everything;
But still the fact remains
it is a sweet little thing;

Its M-O-N-E-Y……