Poems by
Vipin Khandelwal

Our Bond

a poem by Vipin Khandelwal

To you my friend, I beseech
The value of love, think it to be no chore,
True Love never drowns in the sands of time
If anything at all, it only grows more.

Times that I have spent with you
At your side or distances wide,
The relationship that has built
From mere knowing to that of immense pride.

To forget you
Would be like forgetting myself,
Hurting you, oh my dear
Would be a sin by itself.

Changed I may have for the world around
But for you, I am still the same,
Who ever may come and go in my life
But in the same breath shall be taken your name.

Forgive me for whatever I may have done
For it was not a purposive one.
I still love you the same way as ever
I assure you it will be the same forever.