The lovely maiden

a poem by Vijaya S

That lovely full moon night,
I saw her standing near the trees.
I kept gazing at her all night.
But, still couldn’t get my fill.

The ornaments on her body
Flashed like stars in the night sky,
Adorning her very body
And clinging to her as one.

She looked like a nymph
Come down to this earth-
Born with those jewels,
Bedecking her silken body.

The look in her eyes
Would give men the thoughts of love.
Her lips were red with passion
When they smiled, reddened her cheeks.

That radiance and, that glow on her face
Never have I seen that before.
Oh! It would have given me the most pleasure
Just to look at her all my life.

There wasn’t anything one wouldn’t admire on her-
Her feet, her legs, her waist, her arms, her neck and-
Above them the loveliest face
One could see only in one’s lifetime.

I approached her very cautiously
Fearing that my presence shouldn’t scare her away.
That very moment, she sensed me near and, turned
And the very next thing she did was to flee away.

I ran behind her, pleading her to stop
But, she wouldn’t heed my words
And left me panting in the woods
With longing in my eyes.

From that fateful day, I keep waiting
With her lovely face dancing before my eyes.
Still hoping, she would come back
To this stranger who, has now, become her lover.