Poems by
Dhirendra Mishra


a poem by Dhirendra Mishra

Gazing at a plateau of greeneries
That swings in the cool morning breeze
Waves of myriad hue waving its way
A thin wall of mist of a chill winter
Covering its footline
And a struggling sun trying to wade through
This ocean of greens.

The faculty building that emulates
Exuding an eerie silence to me
Masquerading to cover
A life of action and many heart throbs.

When they sigh at your shyness
Your coy eyes imaged in the lines of a thick chimney smoke
Transfixed in a winter sky
Your silence dumbfounding a dumb
I laugh at their ignorance
Who can’t read God’s handwriting
Still instructible! it is an experiment joyous
To read what these large dark eyes convey
In silence
Well above your supple chin
And quivering lips
Dancing in tandem with those lamps of hope.

I read and reread
To read again
Failing to know where to draw the line.