That day, those eyes

a poem by Jagganathan V

Their twinkling eyes, for the premier time I meet,
Their short yet dynamic gaze, was really a treat;
Were they eyes or were they waves that have swept me across?
Eyes strange to me, yet their absence leaves behind an irreparable loss.

True is the saying, ‘Appearances are often deceptive’,
But those transparent eyes revealed everything and they were very receptive.
They had the power and vigour to rejuvenate the dead,
And their childish innocence had my heart fully fed.

Those eyes, were they merely eyes or they the titanic thunder?
When I think again leisurely, I really do wonder,
Whatever they were, they haunt me wherever I go,
Never has my iron heart felt such a terrific low.

Eyes like those, could bring artists to the core,
But ‘those’ were mine and that only I shall bore,
‘Those’ now encarved within mine, boost up my vision and visions,
Bathes me with their luminescence, as I pass through various sessions.