Remember Me

a poem by Ladyreck

So very many days pass, ever the farther apart,
I miss you. Somehow you crept quietly in my heart.
Your smile, oh God how it stirred a longing in me,
This want, this got to have, this eternal fire to feed.

The emotional current raging as your lips touched mine,
And your hands as they stroked oh the feel so divine.
You showered me with sunshine bathed me with the morning’s dew,
Is it any wonder that I fell in love with you?

And then you were gone turning away from me,
My heart bleeds and my tears run free.
My life is empty you took from me my soul,
I’m only a shell each breath I take uncontrolled.

So remember me when the wind blows its savage breath,
Think of me in the winter with nature’s seasonal death.
Remember me when the sun no longer shines,
And remember that once you were mine.