A Ray of Hope

a poem by Jagganathan V

Clouds insipid, sadness in the air dear as we depart,
Seconds seem to be hours, as we live together miles apart;
A lake full of myths and music, an innocent young man immersed in you forever,
A garden full of fragrant fresh flowers, driven crazy by your hallowed fervour.

Deep in my heart, rooted to my soul can’t think of any other name,
Time is yet to take its toll, this is really an unbearable game.
Smooth flowing waters we were, until fate caused those ripples of our sorrow,
Loads of Enthusiasm and an evergrowing zeal, I look for an eventful morrow.

Grey hair, wrinkled face, but always an young man at heart and soul,
Never shall the mind rest until it accomplishes its long cherished goal.
Amidst rougher and steadier oceans, I stand determined as the small wooden boat,
Not far off is the shore, filled with your memories I firmly float.