a poem by Rajdeep Gupta

The day had just began, I was looking out to see the Nature’s glance.
All around I could see was Nature’s desire, with a vision to sparkle fire.

I could see,
the birds chirping in the woods, as they set to find food.
I could hear the sound the river makes, with deep splashes and retakes.
Their theme being common: to assemble them in their sermon.
With such treat that Nature offered, how could a man like me resist the fire.
So into I walked in the valley, and through the woods I pass.
I could sense the cool breeze flowing taking me to it’s stride,
there somewhere in veil of the pine trees, I could see a face.

I could see,
a face that stirred the soul, and made my heart beat rapid,
I stood there motionless and collectively watched her movements;
She looked like a fairy plucking Roses; her hands were stuffed with red Roses.
She treated them with all attention; as if it was her own creation.

I could see,
as she finished her work, she mounted up the hill;
A strange kind of attraction took me on her heel.
I looked up to the sky to see any reflection of the moon;
Oh God! Was it you in disguise, in this hot summer noon.
She took a few glances back and forth, and started to sing a beautiful note.
Whatever plaintive note she could have sung or the messages it contain;
It had cast a magic spell on my brain.
I wondered who she was and where from she came;
She must be from Heaven all right! but did nobody of earth complain.
I made a quick try of going close to her but alas! in vain,
For she was nowhere to be seen;
Oh no! I could have ever harm her, could have I?
Oh how! Could she leave me, arresting my life.
As I look beyond, I see her reflection; in Priya
She stared, she looked up and gave a last wink at me.