Poems by
Rajdeep Gupta


a poem by Rajdeep Gupta

Amitabh and Rekha sung, was not behind SRK with his drum
Sardarji couldn’t even be far behind, the tam was breaking the time
Festival echoes the color of peace and serenity
A time to behold and rejuvenate
Come March! summer sets in with grandeur of every sort
It’s the time you paint yourself
Hindus sung in every wings, with christians making it a mine
People hug each other-with an union in thine
Buy colors of every sort, breaking isles of peace
Sweets of every sort making it an ideal treat
Bhang can be a dosage sometimes
You might just want it to feel

Kids play at street, with elders too joining
Newly wed couple gets a chance to be in colors
Elders bow down and decorate the feet of their parents
While boys play pranks with lasses

I wish, I could paint a picture of warmth and compassion
A poor beggar lying down and watching all these
For him, it’s all the same
Listen and welcome the season of color
Bless and thou sing the seasons’ songs
It’s Holi my dear! It’s Holi
Let’s kiss the color of seasons with love and peace