Our Love This Summer

a poem by Christuraj Alex

No. You are not old, my lovely wife! You’re gorgeous!
You never become old. Just like love. The sun, moon,
Stars, planets, the Milky Way, and the universe,
Ever getting old and fading in beauty, known?

Amber sky; aromatic breeze; musical sea;
Listen to what those cuddling, kissing lovebirds say.
Let this sweat-glistening heat-bubbling evening, be,
Paramount life-thriving, joy-filling mix-fruit tray.

See, amidst new-wed-waves, starfish hide-and-seek, play;
Let’s lie; listen to our long-lasting, love-lyrics.
With luring elements of this sonorous day,
Let our, spirit and body be wrapped by Eros.

Love in summer; summer in love – are fashion old;
Let our fashion of love, this summer, stand adored.