Nowt but words

a poem by Mohamed Shuaib

Red flowers all over, dancing
Spritely when on them I shower.
Wish I could pluck one of them,
Or gift a nosegay to my darling.

While in the drab morn
The fog restrains the sun,
There an avis sing and ring
Thru the breeze that swiftly spin.

Cathy are those days we had
But much belated to forget.
All’s right but still I moan,
Besets the test that’s put on.

Fierce my eyes to see you again,
Here overset and haggard in pain.
There’s nowt I bring, but
A few words that’ll make you prink.

Something at once strikes a cord,
O’ the day has come at last,
Sorrows will go apart, if you
Do accept a special Valentine’s card.