Poems by
Mohamed Shuaib


a poem by Mohamed Shuaib

A class foments the seed of hatred
neither belongs to the community or society.
Their motives are self notoriety; behalf the name
of the religion they aver renascence.
Rekindling is not through bloodbaths using explosives,
but it is through immense patience and moral imbues.
The guns and projectiles by the oppressors
can’t be forced on the varied moods
against the practices and believes and of the customs to
hem in to the confines.
It is love that one should rehearse and not overlord
before portraying one’s accord on the dogma.
The tyranny of such in the name of religion,
in the name of politics, in the form of super power
induce magnitudes of devastation in the cradle of humanity.
These conflicts will only procreate more terror suppressed
in the minds of the evil that they debate
they follow but against any book.
Contumacy is a pressing need but through peaceful mood
which can be obtained by mutual cognition, love and
devotion to mankind and disposition of his legitimacy.
Thus peace has to be conquered not by hostility
but through communion dialogues amiably.
Let us shore up our stand and voice to confront
the challenge to diapason the global stillness.