Loving you, Leaving you

a poem by Chili Dog

The story of our lives
The time has come
To start again
To start anew
To start afresh
To start our lives
To begin forever
To begin eternity.

Two weeks of joy
Of laughter and tears
Of loving and learning
Our dreams and our fears
I need to be with you
To hold you and touch you
To feel you against me
On me, inside me
Holding me, completing me…
Why aren’t you with me?

Your sweet smile and melting eyes
Your voice in my ears
The sound of your breathing
Of your heart beating
Hard and soft
Gentle and rough…
I love you to love me
To hold and caress me
To tell me you love me
And that you are mine

I give you my love
I give you my life
I give you my hopes
I give you my dreams
My happiness is yours
The pain will be ours
We will laugh with the angels
And cry with the rain
The tears and the joy
Will make us one again

Separation is hard
For two as close as we
A necessary evil
A hard cross to bear
I love you, my darling
I hold you in my heart
And until we are together
Whole and complete
I will dream of you…
Hold you and touch you
I am yours forever
And you are mine.