Goddess of Colors

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

Everyday I see her in different colors
New colors in her dress and look
New colors in her Silvery grains from the stars
Fresh Smiling, tempting and loving

Everyday I go there to pick
To see her, her colors, her looks
She changes her hair color with her dresses
Always refreshing, promising and loving

Everyday I try to see her outward beauty
She is beautiful, very beautiful goes infinity
Beauty starts, ends and grows with her
Always sparkling, waving and loving

Everyday she used to come to pick
Her arrival give high beats in my heart
I know she is fragile too soft to handle
Always caring, marveling and loving

Everyday I refresh myself seeing her
Whether to ask or not? Always cowardly retreated
I find Her eyes as bright as blue deep lake
Always cheering, charming and loving

Every day she smiled not meant for me
But that smile, oh the moment, not to forget
I could die if it could be for me.
Always enterprising, spiraling and loving

Everyday my blood-circulation dies eternal-slow
While my soul-paralyzed search for MORE
She is Impossible could evaporate me with her single touch
Always talking, walking and loving

Everyday she ignores my cries of Pleasure
My heart, my soul, my eternal devotion to her
I want to thank her for every minute and every second she spent around me
Always splashing, burning, wanting and loving