Poems by
Rajeev Menon


a poem by Rajeev Menon

There exists a kind of people,
Who always want their way.
Sarcasm and taunt abound,
In whatever they do and say

Always needy for help from others,
They exclaim “What is there?”
But when comes their sweet turn,
They vanish in thin air.

To be eulogized they crave,
To be praised to the hilt.
Whatever they do, is only perfect
That’s the way they are built.

They always want to be served,
By every Tom and Dick.
Whether hale and hearty,
Or whenever they feign sick.

To issue commands they do love,
To get their work all done.
But when comes their turn to deliver,
Then it’s no longer fun.

Fault finding is their forte,
With always a pointed finger.
Generous to their own flaws,
On a heap of excuses they linger.

That’s the world of today,
With hypocrites abound.
And if you have gotta live
Then better hold your ground.