a poem by Mithun Shankar

I don’t know, what to write,
as my words can’t portray you right.
I don’t know how to express,
as all your qualities are matchless.
With you, I don’t know, what to talk,
as on seeing you, words are out of stock.
I have so much to say in your absence,
and I can only sigh in your presence.

That sparkle in your eyes,
brings light into my dreams.
That bubbliness in your attitude,
brings life into my solitude.
That bliss in your touch,
I can’t handle, its too much.
That silence in your voice,
tells me, you are my choice.

There’s a sweet pain, inside my heart
as if, a thorn is stuck in that part.
There’s confusion inside my brain,
as if, there’s a leak in my vein.
There is opaqueness in my eyes,
as if, its been devoid of pleasant sights.
There is restlessness in my mind,
the reason for which, I cant find.

What exists in the depths of my heart
is a certain something, planted by you.
Nourished by time, the roots began to prowl,
and now they run, right down into my soul.
I scavenged my heart, in its every quarter,
and the search was not in vain, as what I went after,
turned out to be a cute little image of whom I enamor,
and now I cant help, but think, am I in love??