Song of My Life

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

This is my song
Song of my life
You are unique
Your love is tonic
I lost myself to you
I want you near me

You were made just for me
You came to earth just for me
Our hearts tied together
With a string of love
We have smiled together
With each others joy

Your love gave strength to face my life
Your love brought colour into my life
Your image always lingers in my eyes
My heart is filled with your memories
I melt the warmth of your lovely gaze
You make every step of my path shine
I found you at last flower of my heart

Fate played with our life
And made us lonely hearts
Is love a fragile thread
Now I know it could snap
Grief that shadows my heart
Life passes me as by though
My dreams are shattered
Before they are expressed
Feelings of emptiness in my mind
Laughter is left far behind
I have shed all the tears I had
Come and see my pitiful sight
You waved me Goodbye
An took my heart away
I am dying every day
Longing for your love
Tell me how many more
Deaths I have to die!

You have entered my life like the sun
Why did you vanish at sunset
My heart drowns in the sea of life
I am longing for the dawn to break
Is my heart a play thing for you
Am I devoid of feelings
Without you my life is meaningless
Why bother about rules and rituals
Has love often met with obstacles
Who would wipe my painful scars
At nights I am staring at the stars!