a poem by Arjun

When I was born, I was ‘A’,
‘A’ child with feelings, but nothing to say!
When I was in nursery, I read ‘A’,
‘A’ as the first alphabet, my education in way!!
When I grew a little more, I became ‘A’,
‘A’ boy in the farmyard, jumping in the hay!
When I made to high school, I was ‘A’,
‘A’ boy with pen in hand, studying all the day!!
When I started earning around, I developed ‘A’,
‘A’ was the attraction of mine, for salary or higher pay!
When I finally met a girl, I gave her ‘A’,
‘A’ was the affection of mine, and I didn’t want betray!!
Slowly but constantly, the time flew faster, and gave me a ‘A’,
‘A’ was the ageing of mine, as the sunsets last ray!
And then the time gave a gift to me, the gift was another ‘A’,
‘A’ was the agony of mine, this was my last birthday!!
So then came a day, when I received my final ‘A’,
That ‘A’ took me away, to whom I used to pray!!