a poem by Sumita Jagannathan

As I lie awake
sleep just out of my grasp
I feel like I am floating
In no particular clasp

Time flowing steadily
minutes going by
I’m still thinking
But I don’t know why

Long cherished memories
Childhood laughter I hear
Sweet music to my ears
Driving away all my fear

Those golden days
Forever gone now
Somehow I feel like crying
Surprising, I don’t know how

Grown up, here I stand
I’m finally where I ought to be
But I find myself wishing
That I were still three

What do I do in life
Where do I start
What do I say and do
Its tough to part

I must be strong
I know I will
Guess it takes time
To climb the hill

Life is full of twists
Who knows what’s around the corner
I know I can live just once
Going to make it last forever.